Show It Off for a Chance to WIN $100 Gift Card! Click for Details!

One of our very favorite things is seeing photos of our customers wearing their Dear Dani finds! Ya'll look so darn CUTE!

We love when you send them to us personally (and we'll for sure share them) BUT it helps us reach new possible customers when YOU share the pictures on your personal platforms and tag us! When you share photos this way you be entered (one entry for each photo and for each social media platform tagged) into our seasonal drawing. The winner gets a $100 gift card for the following season! We do drawings at the end of each season- so for example if you win the drawing done at the end of spring, you will win a gift card for summer and so on. Gift card can ONLY be used for the season intended and will not extend past that season! Thank you for understanding. 

Have fun with this and happy wearing/tagging!

P.S. If you aren't sure how to tag, you just hit the @ sign prior to putting in our social platform name. FB is @dear dani boutique (there are 2, one is the private group and one is the business page) IG is @shopdeardani and TikTok is also @shopdeardani. If you need help with tagging reach out and we'll help you!

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