Shipping Policy

If you purchase an item that needs to be shipped, we have a 5-7 day allowance to get that package in the mail to you. Typically, packages ship within 1-2 days. You will be notified of your package shipping via email. If you are local we offer $5 flat shipping on regular sized packages. If you need to return an item via shipping, please refer to our 'Returns & Refunds' link.

If you're local and choose to pick an item up in store, you have 30 days from the sell date to pick your package up. You need to communicate to us when you'll be picking the package up so we can arrange to accommodate you. If you do not pick your package up within 30 days of purchase your item(s) will be donated to House of Jude in Crown Point or Mommy's Haven in Lowell. We will make every effort to contact you prior to taking this step. We do not have a large area to store personal packages for a great length of time, nor do we want to be liable for items once they've been purchased. We hope you understand.