Best of the Region 2023

If you live in the region you are no doubt familiar with 'The Times Best of the Region' contest. Every year you can choose to vote for your favorite businesses (both big and small) in multiple categories. Then after the millions of votes are tallied up the "winners" in each category are recognized in articles, with posters, decals, etc. 

When the voting took place for 2023, dEAR dANI was still very small, run mostly via social media, and operating by appointment only- we had yet to open in a public space. We don't believe in paying for advertisement to help our votes along in these situations which made it even harder for our loyal customers to vote for us, so though we truly felt in our hearts that we offer something special in the region, we never expected to come out winning.

The day the winners were announced and we in fact did win a spot in "Best Women's Clothing Boutique" I don't think the tears stopped for most of the day! This proved to us that we were out there making a difference, no matter how small we were and with our growth we can continue to make a bigger difference! 

That's what dEAR dANI is to each and every one of us who work here- it's not about 'selling clothes'. It's about an experience. Making someone's day. Making someone feel good about themselves and realizing they don't have to be perfect to look and feel amazing. Making shopping fun again- a break from all the musts in life; treating yourself once in awhile. Making sure you realize that you have a group of women that love to see you when you walk through the door that are always going to build you up and never put you down. 

Well those women that know this spoke out loudly and did so in votes and we couldn't be more appreciative of you! THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts for voting for us, believing in us, supporting us, and helping us to grow! Opening on Crown Point's Downtown Square has been the most incredible next step we could have taken and we have been welcomed with huge open arms! We still offer the same experience and we get to do it with so many more now! We look forward to each and every day, doing exactly what we love!

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