"Let's Hear It For The Girl"

You may or may not have seen the gone viral photo of Jamie Lee Curtis cheering on Michelle Yeoh at the Golden Globes....it's heart warming, thrilling, empowering...

In today's competitive world there is way too much cattiness, one upping, selfishness, and deceit- all of which are exhausting, negative and unmotivating for others and ourselves! 

PLEASE, let's be like Jamie Lee Curtis! Let's cheer each other on! Let's lend an ear or helping hand when we see another falling (without telling the world about it)! When that other small business does something amazing or is having a terrific year let's highlight their success and be genuine about it! Woman empowering other women, businesses supporting and cheering on other businesses... I can't tell you how much it can do, not only for those individuals, but for YOURSELF! As women, small business owners, and as PEOPLE, we all go through things, some good some bad; I personally don't know how I would have made it through some of my professional struggles without the love, support and motivation that I've received from other business owners! I'm so blessed to be surrounded by many that I've come to call friends. 

Remember, we ALL can succeed! Someone else's success doesn't detract from your own. Others wins don't create your losses. Find your inner Jamie...I promise when you do, you'll see such positive life changes- in both your personal and professional life!


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